I am Davviid Aanandan, M.Sc. I have more than 22 years of experience in teaching.  I have been successfully conducting an intensive crash course for CBSE, ISC and PUC students of Std.12 in Maths and Physics. The latest has been the 2016-17 batch. The classes have been held at St. Joseph's Boys' High School, Museum Road, Bangalore. I have also served as a teacher for Std.11 & 12 in St. Joseph's and Bethany High Schools, Bangalore.

       My passion has been to get students to have an indepth understanding of both Maths and Physics. Quite a few of my students have got Karnataka Rank 1 during the last few years. A few of their videos are available for your reference at Testimonials.  A few of my students scored 100% marks both in Maths & Physics. Understanding the tough subjects increases students' self-confidence and self-esteem, which motivates them to learn more with interest, without much of mental strain.

       When students understand science subjects, I am happy to see their concentration and involvement.  I have seen many of my students changing from below 50% to above 90% in marks when they understand the subject very well. 

       I now find it more effective to move from classroom teaching to electronic mode.  This is made possible through pre-recorded HD Video teaching modules, which are downloadable or obtainable in pen drive format.  This mode has the tremendous advantage of multiple repeated viewings to become good at the subject and will facilitate learning at the students' own pace and in the privacy of their homes.  All that is needed is a computer.  Now you may watch a sample video in full screen in a HD resolution.  You can also watch our HD video courses without connecting to the Internet!. This mode of learning completely replaces the classroom mode, with many more advantages!   Therefore, from the 2017-18 batch onwards I have decided to discontinue classroom teaching.

Not  one, but  11 Advantages of HD Video Courses

Learn at Home

Being in front of your computer, get the
feel of the best classroom teaching
without streaming from internet.

Your Personal Teacher !

Even if you are in the best school or any other
tuitions, with our course, you get the benefit
of instruction from your personal teacher.

Not Understood / Missed a Topic?

Now you don't have to worry if you
don't understand or when you
miss a topic at school.

Clarification of Doubts

Your doubts are minimal when you listen to
my teaching. You can also clarify your
doubts, one-on-one with audio and
visual written interaction, online.

Start Early

Start each chapter early, before your teacher starts at school. Doing so, you will be surprised to feel the involvement
and the strength in you to follow
your teacher at school.

Parent's Help

Interested parents can get involved and
may help or keep track of the
child's learning/progress.

Syllabus Based

Learn from the exam point of view, directly
based on the syllabus, but understand
the concept properly.

Time is Precious

Avoid wasting time in travelling;
may be a long distance in
high traffic for tuitions.

Practice makes perfect

Now, you can get your best teacher
to teach you again and again
until you understand.

Revision is important

Revise or learn effectively, just
 before each exam, with the help
of your personal teacher.

Pay Less

Pay less than 20%, but get benefited
20 times - technology brings down the
cost at UnderstandScience.

Courses & Fees

Class 12 Maths & Physics
One-on-One Doubts Clarification
Chemistry and Entrance Exam


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Karnataka Topper - 2015
NAFL School Topper - 2015
All India Rank 2 - Karnataka Topper
Karnataka Topper - 2013
Karnataka Topper - 2011

Note: Videos, yet to update are (i) students who scored 100% in Maths & Physics board exam 2016,
(ii) a few parents' speech about my teaching,
(iii) a few more Karnataka toppers.

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